DufaFeed Piglet Milk-Rep
DufaFeed Piglet Powerstart 1
DufaFeed Piglet Powerstart 2
DufaFeed Piglet Powerstart 3
DufaFeed Broiler Prestarter
DufaFeed Calf Milk-Rep
Beef Cattle Deli-Lick
Sheep Deli-Lick
Goat Deli-Lick
Cattle Deli-Lick
Camel Deli-Lick

Other Dutch Farm International brands


DufaSept is our brandname for a range of premium-quality detergents and disinfectants.

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Under the brandname of DufaMix we are serving the animal feed industry with a range of premixes, additives, mycotoxin binders, acidi ers, milk replacers and growth enhancers

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We offer a wide range of veterinary pharmaceutical products, all under the DutchFarm brandname.

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What’s new?

Dufamec-P Horsewormer

Antiparasitic product based on a combination of ivermectin and praziquantel.

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A winning combination of three Essential Oils and Medium Chain Fatty Acids!

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