DufaFeed Milk-Rep Piglet

DufaFeed Milk-Rep Piglet is a high-end, easy to use milk replacer for piglets. The product has been specially formulated to supplement or replace the nutrition of suckling piglets. Providing DufaFeed Milk-Rep Piglet as soon as colostrum feeding has ended ensures all piglets have access to adequate amounts of milk.

  • Early consumption is encouraged
  • More uniform litter sizes
  • Higher weaning weight
  • Accelerated growth
  • Decrease of mortality

Provide DufaFeed Milk-Rep Piglet as soon as colostrum feeding has ended. It may only be fed to piglets up to 3 weeks of age. Mixing ratio: 150 g DufaFeed Milk-Rep Piglet per 1 litre of water. Feed at 40°C (body temperature).

DufaFeed Piglet Prestarter 1

DufaFeed Piglet Prestarter 1 is the number one prestarter for your piglets! It’s a formulated diet in meal for piglets on the sow. It can be provided as dry feed and liquid feed. A delicacy for piglets to stimulate feed intake.
A premium piglet feed to optimize technical and economic results!

  • Stimulate feed intake
  • Training the intestines
  • healthier piglets
  • Decrease of antibiotic use
  • Higher weaning weight

The advised mixing ratio is 600 g DufaFeed Piglet Prestarter 1 per 1 litre of water. Feed at 40°C (body temperature). DufaFeed Piglet Prestarter 1 is also usable as extra feed stimulator after weaning for 2 days

DufaFeed Piglet Prestarter 2

DufaFeed Piglet Prestarter 2 is the best next step for every piglet! It is a pellet diet for piglets on the sow and during the first days after weaning (depends on weaning period). To increase feed intake and improve technical and economic results. Special attention has been given to the creation of a highly palatable feed and to the selection of the best digestible proteins promoting intestinal health and avoiding diarrhea.
A good start to guarantee the best results at the end!

  • Increase growth
  • Stimulate feed intake
  • Healthier piglets
  • Decrease of antibiotic use
  • Balanced diet
  • Higher weaning weight

Piglets on the sow: provide twice a day fresh feed.
Piglets after weaning: 500 g per piglet. It may only be fed till maximum 14 days after weaning, after which can be switched to weaning or starter feed.

Beef Cattle Deli-Lick
  • Specially formulated for beef cattle
  • Optimal balance between calcium and phosphorous
  • Essential minerals and trace elements are available
  • No synthetic vitamins included

Guideline for usage: 1 bucket per 10 beef cattle per month, 75-200 gram per animal per day.
Place the bucket at a solid position, freely available for the beef cattle.

Sheep Deli-Lick
  • Tasty product
  • Optimal supplement for minerals, trace elements and vitamins
  • No copper included
  • For sheep and lamb

Guideline for usage: 1 bucket per 10 sheep.
Place the bucket in the open field or in the shed, freely available for the sheep.

Horse Deli-Lick
  • A tasty regale your horse deserves!
  • Vitamins, minerals and trace elements supplement
  • Improves health
  • Biotin and organic trace lements for strong hooves
  • Garlic extract against flies

Guideline for usage: 1 bucket for several horses, 50-150 gram per horse per day.
The bucket can be used in the open field or in the shed.

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